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Welcome to Affiliated Genetics



Affiliated Genetics, Inc. (AGI), founded in April 1994, provides dozens of medical DNA testing applications, a full range of genomic services, and DNA-based, human identity testing. Located in Salt Lake City, UT, the laboratory provides outstanding customer service with a highly trained staff of scientists, technicians and customer service representatives.

Confidence Through Experience

Several administrators and scientists of the company bring over 25 years of experience to the operations and oversight of DNA testing.  The laboratory provides DNA tests for numerous federal, state, and local agencies, universities, commercial laboratories, and private clients. AGI is frequently the “back-end” laboratory performing tests for other branded services.

Trusted Results

AGI’s scientists are recognized as experts in the genetics community and have published hundreds of scientific papers related to DNA testing.  All testing is performed in-house; none of the tests are farmed out to outside service laboratories. AGI voluntarily participates in proficiency testing programs and adheres to strict accreditation standards and practices of the CAP, CLIA, and AABB. Test results pass through multiple levels of review before reporting and all material and information is stored confidentially and securely.

Laboratory Services

Learn more about the offerings of Affiliated Genetics below, or contact a customer service representative at 800-362-5559. Whether you need one test or a contract for a 100,000-sample genotyping project, call Affiliated Genetics when experience matters.




Clinical Diagnosis

The laboratory runs numerous medical tests to diagnose disease, to predict clinical outcomes, or to avoid adverse drug reactions. Often, a simple genotype test can improve care planning, lower healthcare costs, and limit the chances and severity of adverse reactions.

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Twin/Paternity Testing

Since 1994, AGI has provided its clients with DNA paternity testing to support legal action and in-home testing to satisfy personal curiosity. The lab services are nonintrusive (using a saliva sample) and include twin, paternity, grandparentage, sibship, and immigration testing. DNA banking services are also available.

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Genomic Services

With cutting edge technology and a staff of trained laboratory professionals, AGI provides expert genomic solutions to the healthcare and life sciences industry. The laboratory also provides testing services for government and academic institutions for a wide spectrum of applications.

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